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Geo Position 34.7666667, 36.3166667
Tidston UTC/GMT +2.00
DST (Sommartid): +3.00
HöjdKonfigurera Travel 112 ~ 323 m
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populated place

Krak des Chevaliers

Lokaltid: Konfigurera Travel 112Hjälptext

Nyheter och Varningar

Säkerhet: Syrien

Utgivare: U.S. Department of StateKonfigurera Travel 112Hjälptext
Senaste Uppdatering: 2010-02-18
While Syria's crime rate is perceived to be low, it is important to note that Syria is not crime-free.

In December 2009, a stun gun was used on two Western women, who were then victims of physical and sexual assault in the Old City of Damascus. In addition to this incident, other cases of attempted physical and sexual assault have also been reported in Damascus and popular tourist locations. During 2009, several incidences of petty theft were also reported where the thieves used distraction as a means to separate victims from their valuables.

In many countries around the world, counterfeit and pirated goods are widely available. Transactions involving such products may be illegal under local law. In addition, bringing them back to the United States may result in forfeitures and/or fines.




Polis Brandkår Ambulans Mobiltelefon (GSM)
110 113 112 112

Ambassader och Konsulat

Attention: Som medlem av den Europeiska Unionen kan du även använda konsulat och amassader från andra medlemsländer. Du hittar listan med representerade EU-stater på vår webbsidaEmbassies and Consulates.

UtomlandsKonfigurera Travel 112 => Krak des Chevaliers
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Vi har ingen information om pengatransfer för denna lokalisering.Om du behöver mer information angående pengatransfer gå till hemsidan för Western Union[2] . Alternativt kan du skcika pengar online, men denna service är bara tillgänglig från some countries[3] .

UV Index

Dagens Maxvärden:




Flygplats IATA ICAO Avstånd
Lattakia LTK OSLK 78 km


Tågbolag Websida
Hedjaz Railway (en)
CFS Syrian Railways (ar)


Tågstationer Avstånd
Maḩaţţat `Akkārī 19 km
Tell Aabbâs Station 29 km
Maḩaţţat Qaţţīnah 32 km
Maḩaţţat al Quşayr 39 km


Hälsoinformation: Syrien

Utgivare: U.S.A., Centers for Disease Control and PreventionKonfigurera Travel 112Hjälptext
Senaste Uppdatering: 2010-02-18

    Before visiting Syria, you may need to get the following vaccinations and medications for vaccine-preventable diseases and other diseases you might be at risk for at your destination: (Note: Your doctor or health-care provider will determine what you will need, depending on factors such as your health and immunization history, areas of the country you will be visiting, and planned activities.)

    To have the most benefit, see a health-care provider at least 4–6 weeks before your trip to allow time for your vaccines to take effect and to start taking medicine to prevent malaria, if you need it.

    Even if you have less than 4 weeks before you leave, you should still see a health-care provider for needed vaccines, anti-malaria drugs and other medications and information about how to protect yourself from illness and injury while traveling.

    CDC recommends that you see a health-care provider who specializes in Travel Medicine.  Find a travel medicine clinic near you. If you have a medical condition, you should also share your travel plans with any doctors you are currently seeing for other medical reasons.

    If your travel plans will take you to more than one country during a single trip, be sure to let your health-care provider know so that you can receive the appropriate vaccinations and information for all of your destinations. Long-term travelers, such as those who plan to work or study abroad, may also need additional vaccinations as required by their employer or school.

    Although yellow fever is not a disease risk in Syria, the government requires travelers arriving from countries where yellow fever is present to present proof of yellow fever vaccination. If you will be traveling to one of these countries where yellow fever is present before arriving in Syria, this requirement must be taken into consideration.

    Be sure your routine vaccinations are up-to-date. Check the links below to see which vaccinations adults and children should get.

    Routine vaccines, as they are often called, such as for influenza, chickenpox (or varicella), polio, measles/mumps/rubella (MMR), and diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus (DPT) are given at all stages of life; see the childhood and adolescent immunization schedule and routine adult immunization schedule.

    Routine vaccines are recommended even if you do not travel. Although childhood diseases, such as measles, rarely occur in the United States, they are still common in many parts of the world. A traveler who is not vaccinated would be at risk for infection.


    Hälsofaktorer: Syrien[5] 

    Vatten Tillgång på bra dricksvattenkällor: Land 83%
    Tillgång på bra vattenkällor: Stad 95%
    Sanitär Tillgång till god sanitär: Land 88%
    Tillgång till god sanitär: Stad 96%
    Hälsa Antal läkare per 10 000 invånare 5.0
    Sjukhussängar (per 10 000 invånare) 14
    Livslängd i år (kvinnor) 75
    Livslängd i år (män) 70



    Under de senaste 200 åren har (Antal: 3) signifikanta jordbävningar skett i en radius av 120km of Krak des Chevaliers.

    The GSHAP Global Seismic Hazard Map
    Denna GSHAP karta visar sannolikheten för jordbävningar i ett 50-års fönster. Kartans färger är valda för att representera jordbävningsrisken associerad till den aktuella nivån av jordbävningen. Ju kallare färger ju lägre risk medan varmare färger representerar en högre jordbävningsrisk. Vitt och grönt representerar en låg fara (0 - 8% g, där g är lika med accelerationen av gravitation); gul och orange korresponderar till en moderat fara (8 - 24% g); rosa och rött korresponderar till en hög fara (24 - 40% g); och mörkröd och brun korrespondtill en väldigt hög fara ( ? 40% g).[6] 

    Jordbävning: Krak des Chevaliers




    Spänning Frekvens Kontakt
    220 V
    50 Hz
    Typ C:
    Typ E:
    Typ L:


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