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Travel112 is developed and will be expanded collaboratively by volunteers from all around the world. The start of our multilingual internet site will be on the 1st January 2010.

About this website
We love to travel and we know that in certain areas you can get some problems. First you need preliminary information like basic facts about the country to be prepared if something happens to you when you are traveling. Think about the situation that your money, passport and/or telephone is stolen, what can you do and what do you need?

You need the telephone numbers of your embassy, which is sometimes hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. So you need a trustable contact person close to the area where you are staying. You need the telephone number of the next consulate, your credit card companies, copies of your passport and more. But you can't carry with you all the time a big booklet for each area.
Our alternative is that we want to be your electronic booklet for emergency cases.

We will support you with necessary preliminary information about the country, important telephone numbers, weather conditions and more.
We will further offer an electronic Document Safe, where you can store scans of your travel documents (like passport or travellercheque copies) which you can print out in every internet cafe worldwide. We have a lot of innovative functions to improve travelers safety. These you will find in the user area.

We wish you wonderful and safe travels with a lot of new experiences!
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