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Volcanes activos
Given the long lifespan of volcanoes, none is extinct.
Evaluación de Líneas aéreas
Up to five Travel112 Stars for international airlines. Our results of the last evaluation.
Líneas aéreas bloqueadas
Be carefully and avoid the EU banned airlines.
Servicio de Advertencia de Avalanchas
Current news from the avalanche centers worldwide.
Las ciudades más grandes
All cities ordered by country and population.
Ciudades por la noche
How do the cities look like at night? The view from space.
Países por Continente
The complete list of countries ordered by continent.
Embajadas y Consulados
Find worldwide your embassy or consulate.
Learn about the organization of our Geo Database.
Zona sísmica
Visualised hazard level for any region worldwide.
Lugares más interesantes
From touristic to more or less unknown but fabulous spots.
Planificador de rutas
Our route planner enables you to plan and print your journey rapidly and easily.
Terremotos significantes
Locations of all earthquakes up to now.
Comunidades por nación
Get the administrative organization of any country.
An overview on all data we have stored in our database. How much airlines, embassies, weatherstations...
Travel112 Mapas
Special Travel112 Maps for a better understanding.
Teclado de viaje
Don't miss your familiar keyboard on travel.
Tsunami Runup Areas
Some coasts are more endangered than other. Have a look at the historical data.
Fuentes de tsunamis
A tsunami can be generated by different sources.
Weather and METAR Data
How is the weather at your destination? Sun is shining? More than 7000 weatherstations worldwide!
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