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The free Travel and -emergency online help
more than 12 000 000 database entries
We will give support
How is the weather in the vacation region? Which airline will bring you safely to your destination? Suitcase lost, money stolen or you are becoming surprisingly sick? We assist you with all necessary information and emergency numbers.

Whether you want to plan your vacation or you are stepping on your trip into an emergency situation: Here - at TRAVEL 112, you will find all the answers for your questions. Always, everywhere and on top: free of charge...
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Embassies and Consulates
Find worldwide your embassy or consulate.
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All travel documents securely saved and worldwide available.

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Our route planner enables you to plan and print your journey rapidly and easily.
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Public Area
Travel112 is offering a userspecific area to ensure that in case of emergency authorized people have access to vital data.
States by Country
Get the administrative organization of any country.
Airline Ranking
Up to five Travel112 Stars for international airlines. Our results of the last evaluation.
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