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tehnički podaci[obraditi]
glavni grad Alžir
političko uređenje 48 ujedinjenja
populacija 33739000
gradsko stanovništvo 64%
rast broja stanovnika 1.5%
dohodak po stanovniku 5940$ / godina
stopa pismenosti 69.9%
jezici Arabic
površinakonfiguracija Travel 112 2381740 km²
vremenska zona UTC/GMT +1.00
visinakonfiguracija Travel 112 ~ 565 m
valuta DZD (Dinar)
kodovi zemalja DZ
komšije NE, EH, LY, MR, TN, MA, ML
registracija vozila DZ
Top Level Domain .dz
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ministarstvo vanjskih poslova (fr)
vodić (en)
independent political entity


lokalno vrijeme: konfiguracija Travel 112pomoćni tekst

aktuelno i upozorenja


editor: U.S. Department of Statekonfiguracija Travel 112pomoćni tekst
posljedne aktualizacije: 2010-04-02
Safety and Security
Terrorism continues to pose a threat to the safety and security of American citizens traveling to Algeria. Terrorist activities, including bombings, false roadblocks, kidnappings, ambushes, and assassinations occur regularly, particularly in the Kabylie region. Since early 2007, vehicle-borne suicide bomb attacks have emerged as a terrorist tactic in Algeria, including in the capital. Suicide car bomb attacks in December 2007 targeted the UN Headquarters and the Algerian Constitutional Council in Algiers. The attacks occurred in areas where many diplomatic missions and residences are located. The group that claimed credit for the December 2007 attacks has pledged more attacks against foreign targets, and specifically U.S. targets.  The same group is believed to operate in southern Algeria and has kidnapped foreigners in neighboring countries.  This kidnapping threat was noted in the Department of State’s Worldwide Caution, dated February 12, 2010.

The Travel Warning for Algeria contains the most current information concerning the threat from terrorism.

The Department of State recommends that U.S. citizens avoid overland travel in Algeria. U.S.citizens who reside or travel in Algeria should take prudent security measures while in the country, including making provisions for reliable and experienced logistical support.  Additionally, sporadic episodes of civil unrest have been known to occur.  U.S. citizens should avoid large crowds and maintain security awareness at all times. Visitors to Algeria are advised to stay only in hotels where adequate security is provided. All visitors to Algeria should remain alert and adhere to prudent security practices such as avoiding predictable travel patterns and maintaining a low profile.

Currently, Embassy staffing is at full capacity, but may not be able to provide full emergency consular services in certain areas of the country due to security restrictions. U.S. Government employees traveling between cities must be accompanied by a security escort. Overland travel is not recommended. U.S. citizens should also carefully consider the security risks involved when using public transportation such as buses and taxis.

For the latest security information, U.S. citizens traveling abroad should regularly monitor the Department of State’s, Bureau of Consular Affairs’ web site, which contains the current Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts, including the Travel Warning for Algeria, as well as the Worldwide Caution.

Up-to-date information on safety and security can also be obtained by calling 1-888-407-4747 toll-free in the United States and Canada or, by calling a regular toll line, 1-202-501-4444, from other countries. These numbers are available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday (except U.S. federal holidays).

The Department of State urges U.S. citizens to take responsibility for their own personal security while traveling overseas. For general information about appropriate measures travelers can take to protect themselves in an overseas environment, see the Department of State’s extensive tips and advice on traveling safely abroad.

The crime rate in Algeria is moderately high and increasing. Serious crimes have been reported in which armed men posing as police officers have entered homes and robbed the occupants at gunpoint. False roadblocks/checkpoints have been employed to rob motorists (see Traffic Safety and Road Conditions section below). Some of these incidents resulted in the murder of the vehicles' occupants; there has been an increase in the kidnapping of vehicle occupants who appear to be wealthy. Petty theft and home burglary occur frequently, and muggings are on the rise, especially after dark in the cities. Theft of contents and parts from parked cars, pick-pocketing, theft on trains and buses, theft of items left in hotel rooms and purse snatching are common. Alarms, grills, and/or guards help to protect most foreigners' residences.


hitni slučaj

telefonski brojevi

policija vatrogasci ambulanta mobitel (GSM)
21606666 14 17 112

ambasade i konsulati

Važno: Kao građanin Europske Unije, možete se u hitnim slučajevima, diplomatski zastupljneinim drugim članicama EU obratiti, ako vaša zemlja nije zastupljena u zemlji u kojoj se nalazite. Popis zastupljenih EU zemalja u ovoj zemlji možete naći na našoj web stranici konzulati i ministarstva.

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upisi: 5

servis karata

American Express Diners Club otkriće EC/Maestro JCB MasterCard viza

transfer novca

Western Union[2]  i ostala poduzeća nude globalni service transfera novaca prijateljima ili rodbini u gotovo svako mjesto na svijetu. Po Gradu su vam prikazane kod nas popisane lokacije. Također možete pogledati položaj grada na karti, ako je odgovarajući plan grada dostupan.
Alternativno imate mogućnost slanja novaca elektronskim putem, ali je to na žalost samo iz pojedinih zemalja[3]  moguće.

vrijemekonfiguracija Travel 112

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desni promet
Ako vam je vožnja desnom stranom neobična, pravite češće pauze i uzmite si vremena da se naviknete na to. Budite stalno svjesni toga da morate voziti desnom stranom.

desni promet
desni promet

ocjenjene nacionalne avionske kompanije

zvijezde avionska kompanija IATA ICAO
 linija padanja zvijezde Air Algérie AH DAH


željeznice web-stranica
SNTF Algerian Railways (fr)


medicinske upute

editor: U.S.A., Centers for Disease Control and Preventionkonfiguracija Travel 112pomoćni tekst
posljedne aktualizacije: 2010-04-02

    Before visiting Algeria, you may need to get the following vaccinations and medications for vaccine-preventable diseases and other diseases you might be at risk for at your destination: (Note: Your doctor or health-care provider will determine what you will need, depending on factors such as your health and immunization history, areas of the country you will be visiting, and planned activities.)

    To have the most benefit, see a health-care provider at least 4–6 weeks before your trip to allow time for your vaccines to take effect and to start taking medicine to prevent malaria, if you need it.

    Even if you have less than 4 weeks before you leave, you should still see a health-care provider for needed vaccines, anti-malaria drugs and other medications and information about how to protect yourself from illness and injury while traveling.

    CDC recommends that you see a health-care provider who specializes in Travel Medicine.  Find a travel medicine clinic near you. If you have a medical condition, you should also share your travel plans with any doctors you are currently seeing for other medical reasons.

    If your travel plans will take you to more than one country during a single trip, be sure to let your health-care provider know so that you can receive the appropriate vaccinations and information for all of your destinations. Long-term travelers, such as those who plan to work or study abroad, may also need additional vaccinations as required by their employer or school.

    Although yellow fever is not a disease risk in Algeria, the government requires travelers arriving from countries where yellow fever is present to present proof of yellow fever vaccination. If you will be traveling to one of these countries where yellow fever is present before arriving in Algeria, this requirement must be taken into consideration.

    Be sure your routine vaccinations are up-to-date. Check the links below to see which vaccinations adults and children should get.

    Routine vaccines, as they are often called, such as for influenza, chickenpox (or varicella), polio, measles/mumps/rubella (MMR), and diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus (DPT) are given at all stages of life; see the childhood and adolescent immunization schedule and routine adult immunization schedule.

    Routine vaccines are recommended even if you do not travel. Although childhood diseases, such as measles, rarely occur in the United States, they are still common in many parts of the world. A traveler who is not vaccinated would be at risk for infection.


    zdravstveni faktori[5] 

    voda Pristup dobrim izvorima pitke vode: Selo 81%
    Pristup dobrim izvorima pitke vode: Grad 87%
    vodoinstalacije Pristup dobrim saniterskim ustanovama: Selo 87%
    Pristup dobrim saniterskim ustanovama: Grad 98%
    zdravlje Širenje HIV-a među odraslim osobama (> = 15 godina) 0.082%
    Gustoća doktora (po 10 000 stanovnika) 11.0
    Bolnički kreveti (po 10 000 stanovnika) 17
    Očekivano prosječno trajanje života pri rođenju: žene 72
    Očekivano prosječno trajanje života pri rođenju: muškarci 70

    prirodne katastrofe


    U posljednjih &&YEARS && godina zabilježeni su značajni zemljotresi (Broj: &&obj&&) u Alžir.

    GSHAP Globalna Seismiska Karta Rizika
    GSHAP-karta prikazuje vjerovatnoću kratkoročnih kretanja Zemlje uzrokovanih zemljotresima 50-godišnjeg posmatranja. Odabrane boje na karti predstavljaju trenutni stepen rizika. Hladnije boje prestavljaju niži a toplije boje veći rizik od potresa. Posebno, bijela i zelena predstavljaju niski stepen opasnosti (0 - 8% g, pri čemu je g jednako ubrzanju gravitacije), žuta i narančasta predstavljaju srednji stepen (8 do 24% g), ružičaste i crvene označavaju veći rizik (24 - 40% g), i tamno crvena i smeđa predstavljaju vrlo visok rizik (? 40% g.[6] 

    zemljotres: Alžir


    područja tsunami runups

    Uglavnom, sva obalna područja mogu biti zadšena od tsunamija. prouzrokuju ih obično jaki potresi i vulkanske erupcije. Međutim, obalni klizišta, podvodne lavine ili udari meteorita mogu izazvati tsunamije. Preduslov je se cijeli vodeni stupac od morskog dna do površine vode dovede u pokret..

    U posljednjih nekoliko godina 100 godina, su obalna područja Alžir su pogođena tsunamijem. Postoje izvještaji (Bbroj: &&QUA &&) o utjecaju valova na obalu.


    upozoronje od tsunamija
    upozoronje od tsunamija

    priprema putovanja

    doputovanje i otputovanje

    editor: konfiguracija Travel 112pomoćni tekst
    >>Žao nam je, ali ne možemo naći nikakve informacije o ovoj temi na web stranici izdavača .<<


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    230 V
    50 Hz
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